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Understanding Wind Energy Twenty years is a long time. And when you think about working at the same company for that long, it can either seem like an eternity or like it was just yesterday.

The latter is how it feels to Anthony Hall at Muskogee Technology (MT). Hall, the spouse of a Tribal Member, is a composite machine operator at MT and has just celebrated his 20th year working for the Tribe at the manufacturing plant. Muskogee Technology Plant Manager Jeff Nelson and Composite Supervisor Phillip Hughey honored Hall with a lunch celebration at David’s Catfish and presented him with a crystal award for his service of 20 years. Hall also was given time off with pay.

And to hear him talk about his time there, you would think the past two decades were a breeze — but he credits that to the fact that working locally allowed him to be with his family and watch his children grow up and to help mold their lives.

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to work for this company, but especially glad that, because of this job, I was able to be home with my wife, Rita, and I have been able to watch my son, Dustin, and daughter, Breanna, grow up.

“I was doing shift work at the time when I was hired on at Muskogee Technology (then Muskogee Metal Works),” Hall said. “I was gone a lot before, working offshore two weeks away and having only one week home. It takes a toll on you and the family. Plus, you just miss a lot of memories when you’re gone all the time.” Hall’s daughter, Breanna, is now the 2015-2016 Tribal Senior Princess.

Hall said when he applied for the job, he expected to only be employed there for two or three years then move on to something else. Little did he know, that two or three years would turn into 20. Since his original hire, Hall has held a few different positions at Muskogee Technology — Forman, Welder, Stamp Press Operator, Electronics Inspector, Painter, Machine Operator and now Composite Machine Operator.

“When people ask me ‘How did you stay there for 20 years?’, my answer is: ‘When you know you are where you are supposed to be, then that’s all that matters.’”

Hall said his advice to Tribal Members and anyone seeking a place in the world is this: “If you don’t like your job, pray and find one you do like. It will make your life and your family’s life more enjoyable … and you won’t look back.”

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