MT Mission: Medical PPE

MT Mission: Medical PPE As news spread of COVID-19 becoming a severe threat to the country, Muskogee Technology (MT) was exploring ways to reposition their business model to better serve the increasing need for personal protective equipment (PPE) which would be desperately needed in the medical sector. MT quickly changed their focus to see how they could help support those on the front lines of COVID-19.

“Initially we identified our custom cutting and kitting services as a possible option to making isolation gowns,” stated Westly L. Woodruff, President/CEO Muskogee Technology. After weeks of research and investigation into the availability of raw materials, MT created multiple first articles to determine which style gown would achieve the best level of protection, form, function, ease of use, and manufacturability. During this time, Woodruff was able to partner with various medical groups around the area and others across the United States. MT has since begun cutting and producing medical isolation gowns, having made their first delivery on April 13th to Baptist Health Care in Pensacola, FL.

“We are thankful Muskogee Technology can shift their production to gowns for our doctors, nurses, and team members. COVID-19 has changed the health care landscape, and as we work to provide care to our patients and others we serve, we are grateful this local company can partner with us in this way,” states Mark Faulkner, President/CEO of Baptist Health Care.

“It has been motivating to see the morale at MT soar as our agility to pivot into the manufacturing of medical personal protective equipment takes shape. We knew we wanted to help the COVID-19 efforts, so we just found a starting point within our core competencies, and we will see where it takes us from here. With the vast amount of fear and uncertainty brought forth by the health crisis, maybe our small objective to service the medical community shapes a newfound sense of hope and direction. If our energy and efforts save a single life, it has been worth it all. We are first and foremost patriots of this great Nation, stewards of our beloved communities, and citizens willing to selflessly serve when others are in need. It’s is quite an honor to know we are supporting the medical profession at the front lines of this COVID-19 battle,” commented Westly L. Woodruff, Muskogee Technology President/CEO.

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