Muskogee Technology Achieves AS9100D Certification

AS9100D, Aerospace Manufacturer, Alabama
    Defense supplier, ISO:QMS In manufacturing, producing quality products is a crucial component of success. Throughout the years, many quality systems for the aerospace and defense industries have been developed leading to specific industry standards meant to ensure the delivery of high-quality products. The latest quality certification revision within these industries is AS9100D. Muskogee Technology received their designation as an AS9100D manufacturer in June of this year. AS9100 is a widely adopted and standardized quality management system and is an internationally recognized quality management standard specifically written for the aerospace industry. Its structure is based on the ISO:9001 quality management system (QMS) standard. Compliance with this specification is confirmed through a complex auditing and certification process. The process consists of three arduous steps beginning with applying for the registration which is made by completing the Aerospace Quote Request Form. Next there is the assessment phase of AS9100D, which is undertaken by NQA and consists of two mandatory visits that form the Initial Certification Audit. Finally, the certification is issued by NQA, one of the largest and most respected certification bodies in the world boasting over 35,000 certifications in over 70 countries worldwide. The AS9100D certification is maintained through a program of annual surveillance audits and a once every-three-year recertification audit. Tribal Member Sarah Stacey serves as the Quality Compliance Officer for Muskogee Technology and was the lead within the organization’s effort to obtain this updated certification. “We started preparing for the transition by first setting up a training course in October 2017 to train internal auditors and upper management on the new requirements implemented by ISO9001:2015 and the AS9100:2016 series to better understand their new requirements. These new requirements included high-level structure and terminology changes such as the concepts of organization context, risk-based thinking, change management and knowledge management,” stated Stacey. This five-month process culminated in a five-day audit conducted in March 2018, after which Muskogee Technology was notified that they had indeed successfully obtained their AS9100D certification. Westly L. Woodruff, President/CEO of Muskogee Technology commented, “In a global economy, aviation, space, and defense manufacturing suppliers such as Muskogee Technology are presented the test of producing and delivering safe and trustworthy products across a wide range of customer requirements and demands. In an effort to address diverse quality requirements and expectations, while also reducing costs, the SAE AS9100 family of standards was developed by international aerospace industry representatives to standardize international aerospace quality management system requirements. The recent AS9100D revisions incorporate significant changes to these requirements, and suppliers are compelled to adopt and/or revise their common management system structure to comply.” “This process is vital for the aerospace supply chain industry to ensure expansive measures are implemented and enforced to ensure the safety and reliability of private, military, and commercial services. We hold the importance of these standards in the highest regard.”

By Jen Chism CIEDA Marketing Manager

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