Muskogee Technology Achieves Composites Nadcap Certification

Muskogee Technology Achieves Composites Nadcap Certification Muskogee Technology (MT) has proudly received a Nadcap accreditation in Composites (COMP) after successfully passing a Nadcap audit for composite cutting and kitting services. MT has proactively obtained the certification to ensure alignment with its customers’ supplier quality performance requirements. Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) is a globally respected accreditation body. It is an industry managed program developed by technical experts from prime contractors, suppliers, and government representatives. This program establishes stringent industry consensus standards allowing companies to replace their routine auditing of suppliers with a single approved audit through Nadcap. This process provides for more strenuous and frequent inspections for primes and fewer reviews for suppliers. The Nadcap assessment is carried out by an independent auditor, using an industry approved checklist. While also observing any possible non-conformity, Nadcap seeks to highlight areas of excellence within defense and aerospace manufacturing. The Nadcap program offers the opportunity for suppliers to gain tighter controls within their unique processes, provides the forum for a voice in the establishment of audit requirements, networking, and market recognition. This Nadcap certification is critical to MT’s ability to function as a secondary supplier to GKN Aerospace, who produces the Honda Jet. MT has been working with GKN Aerospace as a strategic partner for the last 3-4 years by providing custom cut composite materials to GKN Tallassee for their production of the Honda Jet’s fuselage.

By Jen Chism CIEDA Marketing Manager

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