Developing Relationships: Muskogee Technology gets opportunity to present to NASA contractors

Developing Relationships Director of Marketing for Muskogee Technology Mal McGhee attended a Mobile Chamber of Commerce conference to learn about how Muskogee Technology (MT) could do more business with NASA.

MT already has built parts for the International Space Station in the past. Through this match-making conference, another opportunity was presented for Muskogee Technology. McGhee was invited to do a presentation for NASA and its top contractors, which include The Boeing Co., Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton and many others.

"After attending this conference, we were invited by the Marshall Space Flight Center and Space Launch System to showcase our capabilities and what we have accomplished and can accomplish in the future if given the opportunity," McGhee said.

In 2008, Muskogee Technology secured a contract with Boeing and provided them with several parts to be installed on the International Space Station. Some parts included window hatch covers, fan seal flanges and ducts and are still in use in space today.

"The International Space Station was getting upgrades, and we were excited and honored to be able to supply Boeing with the parts it needed. It was a quick turnaround, and we made it happen," he said.

After McGhee presented to NASA’s contractors in Huntsville, he is working to gain additional contracts for Muskogee Technology.

"This is the next step in getting more high-profile contracts and keeping Muskogee Technology in the aerospace industry for years to come," he said.

McGhee highlighted the efforts it took to get an exclusive partnership with GKN Aerospace in 2014. He said it took almost two years and started with just a meeting, then a proposal to do supply management.

"MT has the capabilities NASA is looking for, and we can develop a new niche of capabilities per the needs of the customers."

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