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Next Generation Manufacturing It has been said that you have to have the right tools to do the job right. Muskogee Technology (MT) believes that to be true and is happily growing their diverse collection of CNC machines to include two new Haas vertical mills models VF-2SS and VF-9.50 and a Haas model ST-30Yaxis lathe machine.

These new machine capabilities will increase MT’s billable hours and will allow them to establish an expanded machine envelope capacity, which translates to being able to deliver a more varied product to their customers. These machines offer cutting edge technology, precision machining capabilities and entry-level bar feed automation which reduces machine downtime and increases profitability.

These machines are workhorses with precision capabilities, increased capacity and improved run time hours. Couple those benefits with higher torque and improved horsepower, you have a lean and mean performance manufacturing facility ready to take on more contracts with a multitude of diverse machining requests.

“The new additions of the HAAS ST 30Y (with auto-bar feed), VF 2SS (a super speed machine), and VF 9/50 (high torque, high HP) CNC machines will establish the birth of a new day for the Muskogee Technology Machining Department. We were in dire need of next-generation machines. With CIEDA’s support, this investment has allowed Muskogee Technology to begin replacing our outdated machines and expanding our machining capabilities, thus enabling our facility to begin recruiting new markets and opportunities within aerospace that were previously beyond our reach. Having acquired these state-of-the-art machines enables us to better compete in today’s high-tech manufacturing environment and more prepared to meet the needs of tomorrow. In the world of manufacturing; if you’re not first you’re last,” stated Westly L. Woodruff, President/CEO Muskogee Technology.

By Jen Chism CIEDA Marketing Manager

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