Now Producing a Second Lane Shark Brush Cutter

Now Producing a Second Lane Shark Brush Cutter Touted as “the brush cutter everyone needs,” by nickphx22 on message board, Lane Shark is in a class of its own. If you are struggling to keep wooded roads, fields, hunting lanes, embankments, waterway edges, or any other forested or brush heavy land well maintained without dedicating endless hours of backbreaking work to do so, then Lane Sharks brush cutters are right up your alley.

Is Lane Shark really that great?
With the release of the new LS-3 brush cutter made for the compact model tractors, Lane Shark is covering all tractor models with the release of the LS-3 for use of private land owners, with the strength and reliability of a front mounted, multi-position brush cutter made to withstand rigorous uses. This enables Lane Shark to provide not only private individuals the affordability of owning their own land clearing equipment. Lane Shark was the first company to manufacture these brush cutting units, utilizing direct hydraulic driven cutting systems, for the private use brush cutter in the market. The use of the direct drive hydraulic system allows for the cutting of larger limbs while clearing areas that are normally not easily accessible, or are very time consuming.

Made in the USA?
Yes, and can you guess who is building these for Lane Shark? None other than Muskogee Technology (MT) in Atmore, Alabama. MT is currently producing both the LS-3, the smaller, more compact model as well as the original more aggressive LS-2 model. MT has partnered with Lane Shark USA to become the OEM manufacturer of the product lines to allow the staff at Lane Shark USA to focus on customer growth and new product design. Both models affix to the front of a tractor and offer 2-3” cutting capacity and 11 cutting positions. Each offer reinforced plate deck construction, dual double-sided blades, and are compatible with SSQA, JD Pin, and Global style loaders. The new LS-3 has a more compact cutting diameter, weighs 300lbs, has a lower hydraulic flow range of 5.5-8gpm and can be utilized with a smaller sized tractor of at least 2,000lbs. The current LS-2, larger deck weighs 450lbs, requires a flow rate of 8.5-20gpm, a tractor weight of at least 3,000lbs and has all of the other features of the smaller LS-3 units.

By: Jen Chism, CIEDA Marketing Manager

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