Why Precision Parts Matter in Aerospace Machining

Aerospace components must guarantee personnel safety and facilitate the optimal performance of high-precision instruments and machines. Consequently, precision is of supreme importance in the machining and fabrication of aerospace and aircraft parts, which require the highest levels of functionality under high-pressure and high-altitude situations.

Fabrication challenges for aerospace parts include:

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The complexity of aerospace parts can often only be achieved reliably over production runs using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, a highly accurate automated machining process that utilizes programmed numerical control to operate the machine tools used in part formation processes. CNC machining provides the highest level of precision and cost-effectiveness demanded by the industry.

Muskogee Technology has been meeting the extreme machining standards of the aerospace industry for decades using state-of-the-art equipment and production processes. Our capabilities include:

Our extensive level of experience provides our clients and strategic partners with the assurance that their high-precision components will meet exact specifications and performance demands.

The Immeasurable Benefits of Machined Aerospace Parts

Several characteristics are common in aerospace machining, including tight tolerances, hard-to-machine metals and exotic alloys, and complex contours for components such as turbine blades and other structural components. Modern technology and innovations in machining have made it possible to provide the necessary precision for complex prototypes and the precision components required to operate systems in airplanes, spacecraft, missiles and satellites.

The immeasurable benefits of precision parts for aerospace applications are sometimes unseen, but they are essential in a variety of vital areas, including:

The benefits of high-precision production have led to advancements on a broader range of additional applications reaching well beyond the aerospace industry, providing expansive indirect benefits derived from the precision parts machining industry.

What to Look for in an Aerospace Machine Shop

Precision makes the difference between the successful execution of a critical task and the grave consequences of failure, so choosing the right aerospace machine shop for component production is vital. Features to look for in an aerospace machine shop include:

Muskogee Technology has the knowledge and infrastructure to provide the highest level of quality through the production of CNC-machined components for aerospace applications. Our credentials include:


Our range of certifications relevant to aerospace manufacturing include:


We have been fabricating precision parts on behalf of a prestigious group of strategic partners for many years. Our customers and partners include household names such as:

We have spent decades meeting and exceeding the standards of these partners and many others, so we are already familiar with what it takes to meet the high-precision requirements of the aerospace industry.


Muskogee Technology features a broad range of available equipment, including five-axis machines, hi-definition plasma cutters, and composite cutters. We continuously invest in the latest innovations to ensure we can achieve the most complex geometries available to the aerospace industry.


We also have the software capabilities necessary for the manufacture of precision aerospace components. These capabilities include:

Award-Winning Performance

Our dedication to providing precision components has been recognized by major aerospace OEMs. Our awards include:

This list of awards demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest level of machining and fabrication service to our clients and strategic partners in the aerospace industry.

Additional Applications

Our dedication to excellence does not end with aerospace parts machining. We also provide part fabrication for various clients within a broad range of commercial, industrial, defense systems, renewable energy, OEM parts, and the oil and gas industry.

The same dedication we use in working with our aerospace partners is available to all clients who might benefit from our precision machining.

Manufacturing Services for a Critical Industry

Precision machining is at the top of our list of manufacturing services for the critical aerospace industry, but we also offer a range of value-added services to provide a complete end-to-end solution for valued customers and their projects.

Muskogee Technology utilizes a solution-based approach to solving the challenges presented to us by our partners. We effectively manage manufacturing to ensure on-time, expedited support through Lean processes that allow our partners to focus on their core competencies without having to worry about ours.

All our services utilize state-of-the-art equipment and technology operated by knowledgeable and certified staff. Our additional services include:

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Precision CNC machining along with the expert handling and fabrication of critical parts is essential to meeting the demands of the aerospace industry. However, there are plenty of additional industries and applications which ask for the same high-level of expertise and production accuracy in their components.

Muskogee Technology is eager to provide our expert services and equipment to complete the production of critical machined parts for aerospace and other high demand industries and applications. We have all the necessary equipment, personnel, innovative technologies, and certified production standards to provide a full service manufacturing solution.

Please request a quote to learn more about the ways Muskogee Technology can use our knowledge, experience, and innovative equipment to support your project.

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