Quest For Perfection

Quest For Perfection In an industry that is continuing to evolve with new processes and the advent of robotic welding, first-generation Marquis Brooks, understands that it is necessary to adapt or get left behind in the welding industry. He welcomes these industry changes with the simple goal of continuous improvement of his welding skills and trade knowledge. After graduating from a 7-month welding school nearly three years ago, Brooks started his welding career. He is now working at Muskogee Technology (MT) as a level 1 welder. Already certified in a variety of metals, materials and processes, including stick, 70/18, 60/11, 309, stainless, Mig, flux core and Tig, he seeks to grow professionally by perfecting his technique and continuing to expand his experience with new metals and processes.

“I really enjoy welding. My welding teacher said I was a natural,” Brooks stated. Brooks also stressed the importance of making a good weld. “Folks don’t understand how important it is to have a solid and clean weld. I see poor quality welds everywhere, and it really scares me. A loose or cracked weld can jeopardize the strength of something like a carnival ride or piece of machinery. If that weld were to break, it could mean serious injury to someone,” Brooks explained.

MT is Brooks’ second welding job, one he much prefers to the first. He expressed that it was a welcome change to be working in MT’s Small Fabrication Department. Often welding takes place outdoors where the welder is subject to weather conditions of extreme heat or cold. “I definitely prefer the climate-controlled environment of MT,” Brooks stated. MT’s Small Fabrication Department was created by the new President/CEO-Westly L. Woodruff to strategically transition into a new market in July 2017 and to establish diversity from Heavy Fabrication. Since then, they have been bidding on more jobs than ever before and secured one such new commercial client, Lane Shark, to manufacture its Brush Cutter. Due to an increase in manufacturing analysis of their workcenter, the Small Fabrication Department has been able to lower their department’s burden rate. A burden rate is the overhead costs associated with the hourly rate and capital cost for the work center. Better managing their costs and delivering more finished goods has made this work center increasingly more profitable and brought in a new customer base.

“There is a science behind manufacturing,” said Westly L. Woodruff, President/ CEO. “We are actively analyzing our processes to more effectively manage costs, efficiently produce quality goods and services, and maximize profitability of production. This approach is how we are strategically advancing MT into a world-class manufacturing facility. We will continue to move forward!”

By Jen Chism CIEDA Marketing Manager

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