Soaring to New Heights in Composite Manufacturing

Soaring to New Heights in Composite Manufacturing Through an agreement that began back in 2014 with GKN Aerospace, Muskogee Technology (MT) has experienced accelerated growth in composites cutting and kitting for the aerospace industry. In the beginning, Muskogee Technology performed an array of modernizations to fulfill their part of this new partnership. These upgrades included the installation of two Subzero freezers, one for raw material storage and another for finished goods. Also built was an environmentally controlled cutting room, most commonly referred to as the “Clean Room” and added four new Eastman Kodak static cutting machines. MT achieved all required certifications needed to process composite materials and grew their workforce as necessary to accommodate the new work. Working with composite materials is a delicate process which requires adhering to strict compliance measures associated with the aerospace industry. Ensuring that the cutting room is kept free from dust, hair and any foreign debris is resolute to guarantee the composite material remains in pristine condition. The Clean Room Team at Muskogee Technology understands that they are manufacturing items that will eventually transport Honda Jet passengers and that their delivery of a defect-free product directly correlates to the safety of those passengers and the public. Four years later, with a new contract in hand to bring in the GE and Sikorsky Programs, Muskogee Technology is again in a growth phase to accommodate the additional orders in composite kitting and cutting manufacturing. Production in the Clean Room is expected to grow by upwards of 3 or 4 times the current workload within the next few months. This growth will translate into approximately 22 new job positions and the implementation of additional 3rd and 4th shifts of production. “We are grateful to the Tribal Council and CIEDA Board of Directors for their steadfast faith in Muskogee Technology. The prior investments made by the Tribe into the innovative market of composites is showing a positive return on investment, and we are confident it will continue to remain a growth sector for our business envelope. Additionally, this new expanded contract with GKN Aerospace is a testament to the level of quality work performed in our Composites Department, “stated Muskogee Technology President/ CEO Westly L. Woodruff.

By Jen Chism CIEDA Marketing Manager

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