The Power of Partnerships

Power of Partnerships When it comes to power and energy, Alabama Power Co. knows a thing or two about the subject. So when the opportunity to tour a major manufacturing facility in Atmore came up, the leadership of Alabama Power jumped at the chance.

Representatives from Alabama Power recently got a first-hand experience to see what goes on at Muskogee Technology (MT).

"Alabama Power has worked with Muskogee Technology in the past and currently to supply equipment as needed at our Plant Berry Generating Facility in Bucks, Ala.," local Alabama Power Manager Ricky Martin said.

"By meeting with Muskogee Tech officials, we were able to get a better grasp on what they are working on now and what they are pursuing in the future. With that understanding, we would be able to assist them on a regional, state or global stage when the opportunity presents itself."

The group began the day with a presentation by MT Marketing Director Mal McGhee. McGhee presented PowerPoint slides and discussed in detail the various things MT does day in and day out, as well as what they have accomplished in the past and what they seek to do in the near future.

"Our goal was to meet with Muskogee Tech officials to discuss our strengths in economic development and our global business efforts. We wanted to offer our partnership when appropriate with MT and other Creek Indian endeavors," Martin said.

"We work with Muskogee Technology to meet their power requirements in the most affordable, efficient and effective manner," he said. "We will continue to look for opportunities to serve MT as they look to expand and venture into new areas as well."

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