There is Something in the Wind

There is Something in the Wind Muskogee Technology (MT) has been busy lately churning out products for the wind energy industry.

In the past few months, MT has been working on a contract for General Electric Co. (GE). This contract produces transportation parts for wind turbine blades that also double as erection frames to attach the blades to the turbines on the wind farms. A contract with Siemens also is in the works.

"Wind energy is going to be really big for us this year," MT Sales Engineer John Schierer said. "Not only with GE but with Siemens as well. I'm getting orders left and right for lifting and transport equipment for Siemens. They just came out with a new offshore blade and will need the hub equipment for those."

Schierer said the parts MT supplies for Siemens are mainly truck and train transports for blades.

"We recently finished an order for Siemens for the e-foot, or elephant foot, that is the base connector for the transport. We just received word that we will be making two more full sets of those, so that’s a big deal," he said.

The equipment Muskogee Tech is manufacturing for GE are root stands and tip stands.

"A root stand bolts to the flange of a wind turbine blade, and a tip bolts onto the blade at the opposite end of the root stand," Production Supervisor Scott Randle said. "The tip stand is contoured to the curvature of the blade and is cushioned to protect the blade during transport."

GE buys blades from composite companies in various parts of the U.S. and needs a way to transport them, Schierer said.

"GE supplies worldwide, so these fixtures will go overseas as well. We manufacture the parts for them and they then takes those parts to the composite companies for transport to GE wind farms." He said MT has made 258 sets (one root stand and one tip stand) for GE so far. There also is an order for 6,000 adapter plate sets (6 pieces per set).

"Muskogee Technology does more than just aerospace," Schierer said. "Capitalizing on the wind energy industry is huge and will mean a great deal for us this year and years to come."

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