Composite Kitting

Kitting is the practice of compiling individual parts of a product together into one easy-to-use and purchase kit. Kitted sets are used to facilitate fast and easy assembly in a variety of production operations.

Muskogee Technology offers a variety of kitting and packaging services to meet the needs of a broad range of customers. We help brands group and market their associated items in ways that drive profitability and meet customer needs. Our team marks each kit with clear and explicit labels, ensuring that each supplied component in a kit is detailed and acknowledged.

Benefits of Component Kitting

Though kitting is just one small aspect of the larger production process, it plays a crucial role in sorting and assembling products and components. Kitting services allow manufacturers to save time that would otherwise be spent organizing and assembling components and machinery from scratch. Kitting streamlines the inventory process between storage and production. Stored inventory can be kitted and delivered to a manufacturer to be used in production and distribution.

There are numerous benefits to be reaped from kitting components. Some of these benefits include:

Cost savings.

The packaging partner stores the inventory to be kitted in their own facilities, freeing up storage space for manufacturers. Working with a seasoned packaging partner for kitting services generally translates to significant cost and time savings.

Multiple streamlined processes.

The ideal kitting solution has the potential to streamline numerous aspects of a company's approach to business. Kitting can help simplify shipping preparation to keep cycle times down, offering a simplified way to instantaneously meet customer demands and optimize operations for maximum production and efficiency.

Faster order fulfillment.

Many manufacturers rely on kitting to stay on top of order fulfillment. Having assembled kits ready to ship at any time is beneficial to manufacturers. Storing these kits as single inventory items helps keep back-end operations running smoothly and allows workers to focus on shipping orders instead of picking and packing them.

Manufacturing Kitting Solutions Since 1940

Kitting has a range of useful applications across sectors. For example:

At Muskogee Technology, we work hard to ensure that our kitting services meet your needs regardless of industry or application. We manage every aspect of the kitting process, including:

We can recreate existing kits or partner with you to create unique kits based on your actual usage history. Our years of experience in assembly and kitting have granted us the skills to meet needs across diverse industries. Using our inventory management services in tandem with our kitting services allows us to kit your products more efficiently.

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